What are Safe Margins?

A Quick Explanation of the Why and How...

Safe Margins are an exclusive feature to SureThing Ticket Maker that ensures your tickets print consistently and that each ticket on the page looks the same. It requires a little understanding of how inkjet and laser printers work, but once you get it you'll love that Safe Margins are there for you!

Ticket sheet design

Ticket sheets are commonly designed to maximize space on a standard-sized sheet of paper, spanning from edge to edge to fit as many tickets on the sheet as possible.

Because of this, each ticket must print at a very precise location on the page. This means that each ticket also shares one or more edge(s) with the ticket sheet. The image on the left shows a fully printed sheet with tickets printing to each edge.

The layout of these ticket sheets can cause the problems illustrated below. Luckily, SureThing Ticket Maker has a solution!

Printers Can't Print to the Edge

It's a fact that most inkjet and laser printers don't print to the edge of a sheet of paper. There is always some area at the top, bottom, left and right edges of a sheet of paper that is left unprinted.

This has a negative impact for any ticket which shares an edge of the sheet (in our example, all tickets are affected). The portion of the ticket where the printer can't print will therefore lose that part of the design.

The image to the right demonstrates the issue. We used red to show areas that will not get printed. If you look at the top row of tickets, you'll see the ticket number has been cut off.

Let's Separate the Tickets

You can see this much more dramatically when you print and separate the tickets.

The image to the left shows the two top tickets are cut off along the top of each ticket, those along the bottom are cut off at the bottom, and those on the left are cut off on the left as well. If we showed the right tickets, they would be cut off on the right in a similar fashion.

Now let’s see how Ticket Maker helps with this problem.


Safe Margins to the Rescue!

To ensure that each ticket looks the same once printed and separated, SureThing Ticket Maker employs Safe Margins. This means that each edge will not encroach into the area where your printer cannot print.

Safe Margins also show the unprintable area while you are designing your tickets. This allows you to adjust your designs. The image to the right shows tickets printed with Safe Margins, and the ticket number adjusted so that no part of it is cut off.

Safe Margins can't adjust, fix or solve the unprintable issue with your printer, but it can make sure your tickets look great and consistent anyway.

A Note About Borderless Printing

Many inkjet printers offer a feature for "borderless" printing. This is principally intended for photo printing and each printer manufacturer/model handles it differently. This may or may not work for ticket printing, but if you'd like to try here are some tips:

  • Turn off Safe Margins. They won't help with Borderless printing because they still report their non-printable areas to the Ticket Maker software.
  • Make sure you click the options button in the Ticket Maker print dialog and change the settings to Borderless and the paper size matches your ticket sheet. This may not be possible since many printers only provide the Borderless option for photo-sized paper.
  • Test with a single sheet of tickets first. To make their Borderless option work, many printers will resize the entire sheet slightly, making it difficult to precisely print on each ticket.

If this works for you, great! It will give you more freedom and maximize the printable area on each ticket.

Coming soon: SureThing Full-Bleed Tickets that will solve the unprintable issue completely and allow you to print to the edge of each ticket!

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