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How LightScribe Burns a Label

LightScribe is a revolutionary new product that actually works much like a laser printer. It uses the laser inside a LightScribe enabled CD/DVD disc drive to burn the image directly on the surface of a disc. This makes it immune from water, smudging or smearing that you may find with inkjet direct-to-disc printing.

The term burning and printing are synonomous for producing a LightScribe disc. Burn is popular, since the same laser that burns the data burns the label. In SureThing, we generally use "print" because it is consistent with printing paper labels and direct-to-disc inkjet discs. But the two are used interchangeably.

The laser reacts to a thin coating on the surface of LightScribe discs to burn the image onto the surface. Only LightScribe discs have this special coating. Look for the LightScribe logo on the packaging to ensure you are getting genuine LightScribe discs. You can find an assortment of discs in a variety of colors here.

LightScribe burns the image onto the disc in concentric circles, starting at the outside edge of the disc moving towards the center. The more of these circles, or bands, your label design hits, the longer it takes to burn the disc. LightScribe has prepared modes to use as guidelines to help optimize performance:

  Full Mode   Can cover the entire surface of the disc. This takes the longest because most, if not all, of the circles on the disc are included in the design.
  Content Mode   Uses a medium sized band around the center of the disc. This allows you enough space for a title and a short description of the contents found on the disc. Use a Content Mode background to bring the label to life. Much faster to print than a typical Full Mode design.
  Title Mode   Perfect for a title and subtile, with a thin band available for your background. When you want a quick, attractive label, this is the mode for you.

SureThing supports all three of these modes using its SmartDesign Layouts and Backgrounds. Use Simple Title layouts and LightScribe Title backgrounds for fastest prints. Use Simple Contents layouts and LightScribe Content backgrounds for Content Mode designs. To learn how to design a LightScribe disc, click here.

You can always mix and match any of the LightScribe modes, but keep in mind that the print time is always determined by how many bands your design covers on the disc.

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