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SureThing and LightScribe

When you're looking for the right design software to use for LightScribe, look no further. SureThing CD/DVD Labeler and LightScribe have been paired together as long as there has been LightScribe. SureThing was the first software on the market to support LightScribe, and continues to be a driving force in the LightScribe community.

Today, SureThing gives you features not found in competing products. It's easier to design labels than ever before using the LightScribe Preview Mode while editing your labels. LightScribe prints only shades of gray, blended into the background color of the disc. SureThing automatically converts color images, text, and backgrounds to the same shades of gray that LightScribe uses when it prints. By taking the guesswork out of LightScribe label design, SureThing saves you discs, time and money!

SureThing can also save you time when printing, by using all of your available LightScribe drives. Whether your computer has two LightScribe drives or a tower full of them, SureThing schedules each print job to the next available drive. Since LightScribe discs can take up to 20 minutes each to print, SureThing's multi-drive support saves significant time when printing multiple discs.

SureThing also includes background images that were professionally designed for LightScribe technology. These high resolution backgrounds are optimized for all three LightScribe print modes to maximize performance and print quality. New ArtScribe backgrounds are available separately that include images some of the most famous paintings in history.

SureThing is proud to be a LightScribe partner, and we're sure that by using SureThing CD/DVD Labeler, you will get the most out of your LightScribe enabled disc drive.

LightScribe Essentials:

SureThing LightScribe Software
SureThing CD/DVD Labeler lets you easily create, design and print beautiful LightScribe discs.

Buy LightScribe Discs
LightScribe Discs for all occasions. Choose from the classic gold discs or five new vibrant colors. Available in CD and DVD formats.

Backgrounds for LightScribe
New! ArtScribe Backgrounds for LightScribe Classic works of fine art tuned to produce LightScribe masterpieces. Available only from

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