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SureThing Disc Labeler Deluxe 6.2

Includes New LightScribe Features & More!

SureThing and LightScribe were made for each other. Whether you make music CDs, burn home videos to DVD, or simply create backup discs, SureThing CD/DVD Labeler makes it easy to design, create and print disc labels for LightScribe like the pros!

New! LightScribe Preview Mode
It's easier to design for LightScribe than ever before. SureThing now automatically converts color images, text, and backgrounds to the same shades of gray as LightScribe does when it prints. By taking the guesswork out of LightScribe label design, SureThing saves you discs, time and money!

New! Print to Multiple Drives at Once
Cut LightScribe print times by half or more! SureThing schedules jobs across all available LightScribe drives. This can drastically save time when printing multiple copies or merge files.

NEW! SureThing Print Manager
Stop waiting for your LightScribe projects to finish printing. With the new SureThing Print Manger, you'll return to work immediately and your disc will print in the background while you get back to work.

NEW! More LightScribe Backgrounds
Make your LightScribe project stand out! New high resolution backgrounds optimized for LightScribe to maximize performance and print quality.

Circular Text is a Snap!
The Circular Text tool lets you easily create text that follows the contour of CD and DVD edges. Enhances LightScribe performance! Works with any font at any size, and lets you scale, position and rotate the text just by moving the mouse. Perfect for song/scene titles, copyright text or any text at all!

3-D Text Effects!
Make text pop off your labels using angles, arches, spirals, drop shadows and more! Just type your own text, select a 3D style, then set colors, outlines, drop shadows, etc. You can easily change and customize the appearance and size of text effects you've created, place them on backgrounds or photos of any color as well as edit the text and use them in other designs or label types.

More Layouts & Templates
The Deluxe version provides almost limitless design variations, all of which can be customized and personalized, or you can create you own!

Coordinated Projects
SureThing can coordinate your designs into project files, letting you apply your CD or DVD label designs to cases or inserts without having to create separate designs manually. SureThing synchronizes layouts, backgrounds and playlist data across all designs in a project.

More Fonts
SureThing includes a large selection of TrueType fonts optimized for inkjet and LightScribe printing. From playful to professional, elegant to bold, SureThing has fonts for any style or occasion. And they're all integrated into the SmartDesign layout assistant, making it easy to choose a perfect font combination for any layout!

Import or scan your own images
You can insert images directly from your scanner or digital camera, or use them as backgrounds, create photo collages and more. Photo-editing tools let you crop, rotate and re-size images until you achieve the precise look you want.

Make Photo Collage Covers
SureThing's Background Collage feature is a powerful tool that lets you quickly assemble images and photos to create a custom collage you can use as a background for your label and case designs. Select a folder of images and specify a grid image size for the collage (1x1 up to 20x20 images) and SureThing does the rest. You can change the contents of the collage simply by pressing "shuffle" or selecting a different folder of images and photos. For discs with playlists, SureThing can automatically grab the album cover art from programs such as Apple iTunes for each track in the playlist. It's a fast and fun way to create cover art for your music compilations!

Photo Touchup & Editing
Enhance photos and background images with built-in tools and filters. Crop or rotate an image for the perfect fit, remove red eye, or adjust colors, contrast and brightness. For a unique look, add a special effect to photos or backgrounds using the Sepia, Colorize, Posterize or Solarize filters.

Barcode Tool
SureThing's new Barcode Tool lets you create any type of barcode, perfect for commercial projects, inventory systems, etc. Just enter the number and SureThing formats it properly based on the type of barcode you're creating (supported barcode formats: UPC-A & E, Code 39, 128 & 93, EAN 13 & 8, Codabar and Interleaved). You can change the color, size and position of the barcode to precisely meet your design specifications.

SureThing Disc Labeler v6.2 Deluxe

System Requirements
Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP
Intel Pentium II or compatible 300MHz or faster processor
256MB of RAM
800x600 monitor resolution, 16-bit video card recommended
Windows-compatible inkjet or laser printer
LightScribe drive required to burn LightScribe discs
64MB of available disk space

Customer Service
8am–5pm (PST) Mon–Fri
Email: click here
Toll-free sales line:

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