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The DVD software you are using includes the ability to print an attractive paper label to apply to your finished DVD disc. This functionality is provided to you using an Express Version of our SureThing CD/DVD Labeler software.

More Control...
  • Import your own images as backgrounds or design elements
  • Create Curved, Arched and Angled text, even add text around the outside of a CD or DVD
  • Add 3-D text, drop shadows and other effects
  • Enhance pictures with built-in photo-editing tools and effects
  • Playlist Manager lets you create, edit and import audio and data contents (filenames, track titles, song length, artist, etc.) (more...)

More DVD Layouts...
Choose from thousands of professionally designed templates to create perfect labels and case inserts for all your DVDs. (more...)

More Backgrounds...
The Deluxe Edition contains over 5,000 royalty-free background images and clipart, including textures, gradients, photos and much more. (more...)
More Fonts...
Includes over 100 additional fonts you can use in your labels as well as other software programs. (more...)

More Compatibility...
Print to any brand of label, including Avery, Memorex, NEATO, CD Stomper and more. Over 200 label formats from over 30 brands! (more...)
The SureThing Express component of your DVD software ONLY supports SureThing brand labels and DVD inserts.

In order to use other label brands such as Avery, Memorex, NEATO or CD Stomper, you can upgrade your current Express software to the Deluxe Edition.

  Is this an upgrade to “Record Now”? No, this is an upgrade of the CD/DVD labeling software bundled with RecordNow.

Is SureThing the same company that makes RecordNow? MicroVision Development makes SureThing CD/DVD Labeler, and RecordNow is made by Sonic Solutions. These two companies have worked together to provide you the software that came with your computer.

How can I upgrade my RecordNow? Visit Sonic Solutions for information on their product at

Do I need to upgrade my SureThing CD Labeler? The Express version you have will always be available through RecordNow. However by upgrading you'll receive stand-alone CD/DVD labeling software with more layouts, backgrounds, features and the ability to work with labels from other manufacturers, plus other enhanced features such as playlist management, graphics import/export and more.

What does the SureThing CD Labeler Upgrade include? The upgrade is a complete kit that includes the Deluxe software CD, label applicators, and a pack of standard and full-faced CD and DVD labels.

What type of labels can I make with SureThing CD/DVD Labeler? The Deluxe version of SureThing CD/DVD Labeler gives you templates for ALL brands of labels, plus jewel cases, DVD cases, audio and video cassette labels and more.

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