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Taiyo Yuden 52x CD-R - WaterShield Inkjet Printable (50 spindle)
Introducing WaterShield CD-R media for inkjet disc printers! Unlike normal inkjet discs, WaterShield is water resistent, scratch resistant, and features a glossy finish. The all-new WaterShield blank media is the best way to ensure your discs stay protected from harsh everyday elements.

WaterShield CD-R printable media features the very same qualities as Taiyo Yuden's original discs. With the world's widest record and playback compatibility, you're assured a great disc, delivered perfectly every time.

What else can the WaterShield do?
  • Writes all forms of audio and data
  • ISO 14001 certified manufacturing
  • 100-year durability data integrity guarantee
  • Zero wave distortion
  • Lowest jitter levels
  • Lowest bler, E12, and E22 error rate in the industry

Taiyo Yuden 52x CD-R - WaterShield Inkjet Printable (50 spindle)
The finest high-gloss inkjet printable discs available. 52x CD-R (31164-50) $29.95


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