Bulk High Grade CD-R's

Stock up on recordable CDs before you run out! These high quality CDs write up to 52x and are great for backing up your files, archiving your pictures, burning your music - you name it. Stick a SureThing label on top and you’re set!

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Spin-X CD-R's

Spin-X is one of the top three disc manufacturers in the world. Each Spin-X CD-R has to pass multiple quality control tests before it is released, making it one of the most reliable digital data storage media. perfect for creating an unique CD of your favorite data!

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  • Media Type: CDR (CD-R) High Speed Blank Media
  • Maximum capacity: 80 minutes / 700 MB
  • Color: Silver Shiny Top
  • Speed: 1X-52X Certified.
  • Low data error rate
  • Excellent compatbility rate with most CD-R/CD-RW drives
  • Can be played back on most CD/DVD ROM players