Safe Margins in Ticket Maker 7
And Why They are Important

Desktop printers and ticket sheets don't get along! Each ticket on a standard ticket sheet extends right to the edge of the sheet. But desktop printers cannot print right to the edge. And that's a problem!

Safe Margins allow you to safely design your tickets with confidence that the text and graphics you place on your ticket will not get cut off by your printer.

The Problem

Printers can't print to the Edge!

Take a look at this fully printed ticket sheet. The area the printer can't reached around the edge is shown in red. Any text or graphics placed in this area will be cut off when printed.

Now take a look at the three tickets. You can see the area cut off by the printer from the original design on each of the two printed tickets. In fact, after printing, each printed ticket will look different. Not really the look we're after!

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The Solution

Design with Safe Margins!

These two screen shots show two design screens. The top one has Safe Margins turned off. The design is intended to go to the edge of the ticket. We now know that when we print, these elements will be cut off by the printer.

The bottom screen shows the exact same design, but this time with Safe Margins turned on. Notice the white margin around the ticket. This is the area that would be potentially cut off by the printer. We want to design inside these white margins so nothing gets cut off and all tickets look the same. With Safe Margins, we clearly see where we need to design.

Also look at the ticket numbers on the left and right edges. They are slightly visible through the white margin, showing you which elements will be cut off and should be moved if they are important.

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The Result

Uniform tickets every time!

We've designed with Safe Margins on, showing on each ticket where it is unsafe to put text and images. Each ticket has a uniform white margin. We've adapted all design elements to fit within the margins. If you look carefully, you'll even notice the ticket numbers that were being cut off in our previous example are now in a safe location.

Most importantly, all tickets look the same! The top-left and bottom-right tickets are identical. Remember how they were cut off differently on each edge previously? Thank you Safe Margins!

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A Better Solution!

Try SureThing Edge-Guard™ Tickets!

SureThing Edge-Guard Tickets pick up where Safe Margins leave off. Our ticket sheets have a built-in tear-away margin roughly the size of the area printers can’t reach. The rest of the page, where the tickets reside, is fully printable. This means you can safely print right to the edge of your tickets. No more white margins!

When the look of your tickets is important, SureThing Edge-Guard tickets are a must. To learn more check out our online ticket store.

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