Thousands More Images

Ticket Maker Pro provides you with access to thousands of colorful background and clipart images to give your designs the distinctive look perfect for your project.

Or drop in your own photos and logos to create even more personalized designs. Coupled with our new turbo-charged graphics engine, working with images has never been easier.

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Export to Popular Image Formats

Ticket Maker Pro makes it possible to share your designs with your local print shop and friends by exporting to popular image formats. You can print entire sheets of labels as PDF files. Great for printing your sheets at Kinkos or a friends PC without the need for Ticket Maker to be installed.

You can also export single ticket designs to JPG, PNG, TIF or BMP. This is especially useful when sending your tickets to a local print shop where they will layout the entire page based on your design.

Either way, you can enjoy all the design features of Ticket Maker Pro while outsourcing the actual printing.

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Keep It Together with Design Sets

With Ticket Maker Pro, you can have multiple copies of your tickets with subtle differences using Design Sets. Each ticket in the set is saved within a single project file, making it easy to manage, edit and print the variations in your set.

This is perfect for event tickets with different seating types like General Admission, Reserved and VIP seating. You can also easily create different price points for both raffles and events. Just clone a ticket design, make your modifications, and've got a design set of your own!

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Track Your Event with Barcodes

When your event or fundraiser has special tracking requirements you can print barcodes with Ticket Maker Pro. Support is provided for up to 10 different barcode formats including Code 2 of 5 Interleaved and Code 39, both perfectly suited for your ticketing needs.

You can even use serial numbers or a merge file to ensure the barcode is unique on each ticket. Perfect for events where you check each ticket at the door and want to protect against fraudulent tickets.

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