The iSkinEm Edge

Only iSkinEm gives you everything you need to design, print and skin your iPhone, iPod, iPad and other mobile devices right at home. Compare the iSkinEm solution to other online skinning services, and we’re sure you'll see why iSkinEm is right for you!

Skin Design Software for Windows and Mac OS X

iSkinEm Design Software

True Design Software for Windows and Mac OS X

With online skinning services you get rudimentary tools that are slow, awkward and limited…or nothing at all! And once you get your skin, you can’t re-use the design without paying again.

iSkinEm Design Software is an easy to use desktop application designed specifically to create skins. With its roots in desktop publishing, it has all the tools necessary to perform full customization over every aspect of your skin design.

iSkinEm comes with a library of professionally designed skin backgrounds that you can use and re-use free of charge. In addition, you can add your own images that you have on your computer or find on the Web*. The choices are limitless!

*When using images from the Web, be sure to respect the rights of trademark and copyright holders.

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Beautiful skins for your iPod, iPhone or iPad

Premium iaPeel Inkjet Printable Skins

Photo Quality, Easy to Apply, Safe to Remove

iSkinEm is proud to feature iaPeel inkjet printable skins, perfect for printing skins at home.

  • Glossy Photo-Quality vinyl skins deliver vibrant reproductions of your favorite photos, logos and images.
  • Tough and Durable vinyl adheres securely to your device while protecting it from scuffs and scratches.
  • Fits Perfectly Individually designed for each device to precisely fit its unique shape and features.
  • Easy to Apply Patent-pending lift-up tabs on the back provide a “can’t miss” alignment system.
  • Safe to Remove Special formulated adhesive allows easy, residue-free removal when you’re ready to change your skin.

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The best value in mobile device skins

The Best Value for Your Money

Up to five skins for the price of one

iSkinEm comes with a pack of up to five skins included. You can skin your phone, skin a friend’s phone, and still have three left for later. Plus you won’t have to wait for them to arrive in the mail each time you want to change your skin.

Compare that to other online skinning services that charge similar prices for a single skin. Every time you want a different look for your phone, you get dinged again.

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  • Change your skin when the mood strikes... Change your skin when the mood strikes...
  • And your skin reflects your mood. And your skin reflects your mood.

Skin It Your Way!

Change Your Skin Whenever the Mood Strikes

No more waiting! Compare that with online skinning services, where you have to wait for an order to be processed, wait for it to be printed and finally wait for it to be shipped. With iSkinEm, when you want change, you’ve got change!

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Your phone or mp3 player is an investment. Keep it fresh by wrapping it in a custom skin. Our photo-quality skins not only look great, they are tough and durable too! Learn more...

Express yourself with a personalized skin


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Identify your device easily


Show off your pet, rep your favorite band, promote your team or treasure your kids. iSkinEm lets you make it your own and show it off with style! Learn more...

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